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Yoga for Boys - Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to get boys and girls active and healthy doing something they love? You’re not alone. Join the world-wide Young Yoga Masters community giving kids fun yoga games and healthy activities that also relieve stress.

Yoga For Boys: Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Kids Yoga Teacher Training: Yoga for Boys including coloring, games, and Activities featuring the Sun Salutation

Do you want to get boys and girls active and healthy doing something they love? You’re not alone. Join the world-wide Young Yoga Masters community of terrific teachers who want to give their kids exciting and engaging yoga classes.
Yoga Man vs. The Stressor is a down-loadable training package designed to help you connect with boys (and girls) in yoga, the classroom, and the living room. Yoga Man vs. The Stressor teaches kids about stress. Using play based learning, kids will gain an understanding of what stress is, how to recognize it, and what to do about it.

Here’s a sneak peak at the coloring pages from Yoga Man vs. The Stressor.

To get this training in-person can cost up to $69.00 for an afternoon workshop plus your travel and expenses to attend. This on-line Kids Yoga Training arrives in your e-mail instantly and you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

As a kids yoga teacher for over ten years, I’ve noticed that most kids yoga books and DVD’s are geared to either young kids or older girls. Boys end up getting disinterested and think yoga is for girls. Yoga Man vs. The Stressor combats this idea using play based learning to get boys, boys who like video games, action, and adventure, engaged in the fun of yoga.

It's more than a kids yoga book, this is an on-line training program with tools you can print whenever you want them.


1. Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: You will have 12 Coloring Pages, one for each pose of the Sun Salutation. These pages include one set of pages with the sequence number on them and one set without so they can be used in all the Yoga Games. These are files that you can print off as often as you want to help you introduce kids to the Sun salutation, use with the 10 Yoga Games (see below for info), or to give to the kids at the end of your class to color and take home.

2. Teaching Pages: Yoga Man vs. The Stressor - The 12 Coloring Pages in a Teacher’s format with detailed information on each page telling you how to teach each pose for good, safe alignment.

3. Yoga Man Handout Activity Sheets: Six bonus colouring activity pagesto keep kids busy at the end of a class. You can print these files whenever you want and as often as you want.

4. The Sun Salutation Pose Manual: this 32 page manual gives the full health benefits of each pose, “how to” instructions, precautions to avoid injury and how to transition from one pose to the other. It’s got everything someone new to yoga needs and it’s a quick reference tool for more experienced teachers.

5. Ten Sun Salutation Games and Activities – introduce the Sun Salutation through playful learning. These Ten Games (actually eleven including one bonus activity) give you a variety of fun activities to introduce the Sun Salutation to your kids. With a special focus on Yoga Man facing off against The Stressor (and The Stressor shows up in many shapes and forms) these games help kids understand stress and stress management. Includes both short and long games to do for a quick activity or a longer yoga session.

6. Secrets of the Sun Salutation – this concise article gives you the ancient wisdom behind the practice of the Salutation to the Sun (Surya Namaskar).

Tested by a Certified Kids Yoga Teacher with Real Kids
Designed from the point of view of a kids yoga specialist, this package contain new games and ideas for your kids’ yoga classes. They help boys and girls stay active and decrease stress. All the games and activities in this training have been tested with real kids in real situations.

This training is designed specifically so that you do not have to travel for kids yoga teacher training. Everything you need is explained in the download. Plus, the Young Yoga Masters blog is there for you if you have any follow up questions. You won’t be left on your own when the training is over.

Print the Pages as Often as You Like
This training package is electronic so you don’t have to worry about your materials getting ruined by impulsive or excited kids or your tea getting spilled on them! It’s a tool to use with your kids over and over again. Whenever you want a fresh page you just print it out (who wants to go to the photocopier anyway). Let the kids color them and take them home to show to their friends and family. In fact, you can print out the pages for class after and class and year after year for every new batch of kids.

How to Use the Kids Yoga Training
This training is for anyone who loves kids, who loves yoga, and who has access to a computer and a printer. All the activities have been tested in kids yoga classes with both boys and girls from ages 4 – 10 years. They work. Both boys and girls love Yoga Man but they especially love what they learn to deal with stress at school and at home. Without it, kids are left to figure out how to handle stress on their own.

Use this Training in any number of ways:
  • Teach kids the Sun Salutation: – the way we designed it –teachers, parents, or even babysitters can use the pose manual to make sure they are teaching the yoga safely. It’s great for doing yoga at home or in the classroom. The teaching poses give you a quick reference and the Pose Manual will make sure you can teach the Sun Salutation correctly.
  • Educate kids about stress: with the games in this package kids will gain a deeper understanding of what stress is, how to recognize it, how to monitor their stress load, and what they can do to manage and reduce stress.
  • Connect with boys: in our times the idea of doing yoga is up against a lot of other fun activities that don’t get kids moving. We’ve got to meet boys where they’re at so they realize that yoga is not just for girls – it’s for anyone who wants to learn to be the Master of their own life. Showing an action hero doing yoga and playing games is just what young boys like.
  • Get some new yoga games – both new and experienced teachers will use the game ideas to add some fresh fun to your lesson plans and kids yoga classes. Use the coloring pages for a quick and easy short activity during the class or at the end of class.
  • Create longer yoga sessions– you can expand many of the games to become 30 – 45 minute yoga sessions. Just add a relaxation to the end and your class is ready to go.
  • Create a Sun Salutation book for your home or classroom – print out the pages for kids to color in as an activity in the classroom or while waiting for dinner. Then put the finished pages in a duo tang to create a home-made resource the kids are proud of. Each time you pull out the book, your kids will shine knowing they made it themselves. They just may be a little more likely to pull this book out on their own too.
  • Give the kids something to take home to remember yoga - teachers can also use the coloring pages to give kids to take home. When Yoga Man goes up on the fridge at home he reminds the kids to do yoga and also to sign up for the next series of yoga classes.

The great thing about this kids yoga training package is it’s packed full of game ideas and you can print it off as many times as you like for years and years of use.

Who is this Kids Yoga Training for?
Kids Yoga Training: Yoga Man vs. The Stressor is for everyone who wants to give kids the gift of yoga including:
  • New Yoga teachers and educators who have just started bringing yoga to kids and want help planing lessons
  • Experienced teachers who have taught kids yoga for a while but want fresh ideas
  • Parents, aunts, uncles, all those who love kids and love yoga and want to inspire kids to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Anyone who wants to help boys get active and improve health with yoga!
  • Especially good to use with kids who need help in their own personal battle with The Stressor.

Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied with the Kids Yoga Training: Yoga Man vs. The Stressor after using the games and coloring pages within 30 days of receiving your training package, just send me an e-mail with a short explanation and I’ll refund your money. That’s how confident I am that this is a resource that you are going to love.

About the Author
Aruna Kathy Humphrys has been teaching kids yoga since 1998 and has been writing the Young Yoga Masters blog since 2007. She’s been a full time certified yoga teacher for the past twelve years with more than half her classes coming from teaching kids yoga.

She focuses her time upon Young Yoga writing teaching tips on the weekly blog posts. She has developed both in person and on-line Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Currently she teaches kids and adults yoga at schools, community centers, and studios.

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